We provide you with all the resources you need as part of your program fee.  On enrolment you will receive a bound workbook and exercise book to help you do extra study outside of class.  All of our classrooms have fully interactive whiteboards providing you with access to the latest on-line learning resources.

Practice makes perfect and we have a strong focus on speaking practice.  Our native speakers will step you through the difficult areas of conversation.  We have resources that explain the common speaking errors and, more importantly, we teach you how to avoid these errors.

Our writing resources help you understand what assessors are looking for.  Our tailored modules on grammar, vocabulary and coherence will ensure that you have the best chance of improving your score.

Reading exercises that come from actual exams help you understand the requirements of the reading task.  We teach you how to scan a document to find the relevant information.

Our listening resources will provide you with exercises that are relevant to the IELTS requirements.  We will teach you how to actively listen and how to prepare for listening.

Watch out for our dedicated classes that focus on only one of the IELTS areas.